2- 3 year olds

The  Toddler room can hold up to 12 children and has 4 members of staff.

At this age the children are beginning to show an increasing independence and obvious pleasure in moving, communicating and learning through play. Our toddler room offer’s many opportunities for their developmental needs. We also include various other activities such as arts and crafts, heuristic play, music and movement, exploratory areas and plenty of opportunity for free play both indoors and outside.

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8.20   Breakfast

8.45am good morning, tell children the day plan

9.00 Free play (Toddler groups Joined)

9.45am tidy up time, wash hands, Nappy change

10.00 Snack Time (Toddler groups separate)

10.15 activity time (see planning)

10.40 coats and shoes on

10.45 free play outdoors

11.15- come inside and wash hands, find seat

11.30 Lunch Time

12.00 Sleep time (children should all be awake at 2pm an back downstairs for 2:15)

2.15 Snack time

2:30 good afternoon, story and song time or music session, nappy change to run alongside

3.00 sensory play/messy play

3;30  tidy up time, wash hands, find seat

3;45 Sit with children at the table, talk about focus(see planning)

4:00 Tea Time

4.30 Free play indoors or outdoors (Toddler groups Joined)

5.00pm Last nappy change

6.00 home time 

All children will begin toilet training and finish toilet training in the toddler rooms.
We provide all pull up's we just ask parents for lots of spare cloths please.