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As part of our all-inclusive approach, we provide a full range of meals, snacks and water for your child during their day at our nursery.

A typical day will include:

Breakfast 8:15am to 8:45am

Snack 10:15 am

Lunch 11:30 am

Snack and Milk 2:00pm

Tea at 4pm

Our focus is on nutritious & wholesome food. We have a qualified Chef onsite everyday that provides all our delicious meals. All meat used in the nursery is Halal.

We believe that eating healthily is extremely important in the development of young children. We recognise that children should be able to enjoy food as well as learn good eating habits for the future.

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Menu example

Breakfast: Weetabix and Toast 
Mid-Morning Snack: Banana 
Lunch: Lasagne and Peas 
Afternoon Snack: Orange Chunks 
Tea: Sweet and sour chicken, mashed potato and sweetcorn.

To discuss any dietary needs/allergies with management please give us a call on 0208 769 0183Please also provide your child with a water bottle. We encourage the children to help themselves to water throughout the day .

happy dinner time
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