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 Pinfold Road Day Nursery & Preschool is situated on 4 Pinfold road, Streatham, SW16 2SN. The nursery is set in a semi-detached house, spreading across four floors. We accept children from 3 months to 5 years, offering a bespoke learning experience for every individual child.


The nursery consists of an under two’s room, a toddler suite, and a preschool unit. The nursery has the added benefit of a cosy sleep room and a truly magnificent sensory room. The nursery also benefits from a wonderful garden at the rear of the property to accommodate the children’s outdoor learning experience.

At Pinfold Road Day Nursery & Preschool, each child is valued for their individuality and will always be given the extra special time and space to build on their experiences. We encourage the emotional, social, physical, creative and intellectual development of all our children.

Our settling-in policy

Settling in policy

1.     Management and the child’s key worker will work in partnership with the parents to settle the child into the nursery environment.

2.     The parents/carers will be encouraged to visit three times with their child before the admission date. This will allow the child to become familiar with their new surroundings and child carers.                                                                                                             

3.     During the 2nd settling in sessions we encourage parents and carers to leave their child independently for one hour, encouraging a short period of separation. 


4.     On the 3rd session, parents are encouraged to say a goodbye and to leave the child for 2.5 hours, gradually building up the day.


5.     Parents are encouraged throughout the day to telephone the nursery if they wish to check on their child’s progress.                                                                                                                                               

6.  Please allow the child to bring some sort of comforter for their first session.


7. There is no set timescale on how well children settle, as each child is an Individual. Some children settle within 2 visits and others can take a bit longer. This can also depend on how many sessions the child attends per week.


8. For those children who do take a longer time to settle, we offer the parent and child lots of encouragement and reassurance, the nursery will work closely with the parents to ensure that the parents and children are confident and happy in the nursery.

What items do I need to bring to nursery for my child?

You need to bring very little with you in addition to what the nursery already provides. However, here are some suggestions.

  1. Draw string rucksack – clearly labelled.

  2. Changes of clothes – in case of accidents. Please make sure these are clearly labelled with your child’s name. (Plenty of spare clothes if potty training is in progress). Accidents can sometimes happen especially when they are busy enjoying themselves.

  3. Comforters or dummies that they may need throughout the day. Please make sure that these are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

  4. Sun hat in the summer and hat, gloves, scarf, waterproofs in the winter. Even if it is cold we will still be going out on trips, nature walks and out to play in the garden. We ask you to provide sun cream if the one we use is not suitable for your child.

  5. Wellie boots - for our Winter walks and messy garden time.

  6. We ask parents not to use plastic bags for their children’s belongings, as a safety precaution. Once again, please label all your child’s clothes!

What to bring to nursery
The learning programme

Our learning programme:

At Pinfold Road Day Nursery and Preschool we believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life. To help achieve this we deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS) in a safe and stimulating environment. We hope to support the children in our care and help them reach their full potential.

The EYFS curriculum consists of Early Learning Goals that are set out into seven learning areas:

  •          Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  •          Communication, Language and Literacy

  •          Physical Development

  •          Understanding of the World

  •          Expressive arts and design

  •          Literacy

  •          Mathematics

The EYFS curriculum is delivered through play. We aim to achieve a sensible balance between free and structured activities designed to encourage language, confidence and independence. Children are encouraged to make choices and decisions about a range of activities they would like to be involved in throughout the day. Ongoing observations are carried out to help with the assessments of children’s learning and development. We also use observations to plan for the children’s next steps in the weekly planning.  

  • Our Mission Statement

  • Admissions

  • Paying Fees

  • Nursery Funding

  • Settling In

  • Integration within the Nursery

  • Staffing

  • Bringing & Collecting Children

  • Visitor Policy/Procedure

  • Parents as Partners

  • Fundraising

  • Confidentiality

  • 12a. Child/Adult Illness & Exclusion Policy

  • 12b. Medical Administration Policy

  • Accident Procedure

  • Fire Drills

  • Evacuation Procedure

  • Toilet Training

  • Nappy Changing

  • Health & Safety

  • No Smoking

  • Substance Abuse

  • Care in the Sun

  • Food Management & Hygiene​​

  • Healthy Eating Policy

  • Sleep & Rest

  • Outings

  • Handling Animals/Farm Animals/Farm Visits

  • Lost Child Procedure

  • Equality of Opportunity Policy

  • Behaviour Management Policy

  • Safeguarding Policy

  • Safeguarding Procedure

  • Anti-Bullying

  • Anti-Biting

  • Maintenance and Replacement of Equipment

  • Language

  • Key Person Policy

  • Records of Achievements

  • Learning Through Play

  • Early Years Foundation Stage and the Curriculum

  • Allegations Against Staff

  • Outdoor Play Policy

  • Infection Control Policy

  • Multimedia Policy

  • Complaints Policy

  • Complaints Procedure



These are available to read upon request

Policies and procedures
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